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over 2 years ago

DiamondHacks Hackathon Action Items and Information

Dear DiamondHacks Hacker,


We are excited for you to participate in DiamondHacks this weekend, March 27th-28th, 2021! As the event is just a few days away, we wanted to provide you with some information to get started. 


Please complete these next before this weekend if you have not yet: 


1. Join the Discord


The discord is where the majority of communication for the hackathon will take place, so it is very important that you join! 

2. Fill out the Registration Form.

If you signed up for DiamondHacks through DevPost and have not yet filled out the Registration Google form, please do so now for our bookeeping purposes. asdfa s

3. Get a ticket for the Hopin event

All workshops, keynote speakers, and ceremonies will take place on Hopin. Special note: You’ll want to attend the keynote to receive a $20 gift card for lunch! 


4. Get started finding a team, and fill out this form once you have found your team.

If you don’t find a team by Saturday--no worries! There will be time to find a team at the beginning of the event. 


Remember, teams can be of any size, but only 4 prizes will be awarded to a given team. For example, if your team has 3 people, you will receive 3 prizes, and if your team has 5 people, you will receive 4 prizes. You are also welcome to work alone if you would prefer not to work on a team!


Some important rules to note: 

If you would like to be eligible for the College Rookie Hack Prize or the High School Hack Prize, all members of the team must be eligible for the prize. For example:

  • College Rookie Hack Prize: It must be the first time that all members of the team are attending a hackathon, and all members of the team must be in college or of college age.
  • Best High School Hack Prize: All members must currently be in high school or of high school age.

Additional rules can be found in the DiamondHacks Hacker Guide.



Lastly, while DiamondHacks invites all hackers who support our mission to attend workshops and events, only high school and college age students are allowed to participate in the event. More specifically, you must either be enrolled in high school or college, or no more than 4 years out of high school. 


If you have questions about your eligibility, please DM Anna Owens | DiamondHacks Staff on the Discord or email us at


Happy hacking! 

DiamondHacks Staff